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GeneRally 1.10b

- Modified armco barrier colour to be a more visible, light blue colour (the only other viable colour available).
- Implemented an experimental feature to adjust zoom based on screen aspect ratio.
- Grid order for the first race of a season is now defined by player selection order when using "points" or "points, reversed" grid modes.
- FIXED: Driver statistics dialog now shows correctly after being reset.
- FIXED: Mouse cursor is no longer visible during the race.
- FIXED: Using 'end race' on the final race of the season doesn't quit directly to the main menu at least one race has been completed.
- FIXED: Rendering distance increased to solve bug on some higher resolutions.
- FIXED: UI no longer changes colour when adjusting a driver's primary colour in full-screen mode.
- FIXED: Start lights no longer remain visible in a replay.

- FIXED: Saves with correct v1.10 flag. Please re-save all tracks made with v1.10 with v1.10b.
- FIXED: No longer crashes when loading a path with spaces via the command line (wrap all paths with quotes).