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What is GeneRally?

GeneRally is freeware arcade racing game in top-down view perspective, which was developed by two Finnish brothers, Hannu and Jukka Räbinä, and released in May 2002. It offers joy from racing for up to 6 players on one machine (sadly on-line multiplayer was not included) in three game modes - time trial mode (player attacks best lap of a track; option of ghost car is available), race mode (against next 1-5 human or artificial opponents) and championship mode (season of several races). The game is deeply customizable including both of settings and game content. This possibility allows to the player to set the game precisely to his needs and interests.

No matter on siDefault Formulas at Evo-Ring by Pahkasikample appearance, the game offers a damage model and even tire wear and fuel consumption - rare settings in genre of arcade racing games (including commercial titles). All settings of game are fully customizable (including level of each of Artificial Intelligence opponents). Thanks to this the racing impression may variate according the player's taste from a pure sprint arcade events (for 1 or few laps with deactivated or low damage and low influence of worn tires) to endurance races (up to 100 km) with very realistic feelings filled by strategical battles, where timing of pit stops is crucial element of success in the race.

Even if the default game includes only 36 tracks (splitted in to three groups - Default, GeneRally and World Tour) and 12 cars of different racing genres (e.g. formula, kart, rallye car, muscle car, truck or dragster; each of them with specific physic model), which were arranged by the game creators themselves, the options are much wider thanks to unpretending substance of the game opened to wide scope of people and to generations of enthusiastic volunteers, who found fun and still continue in enjoying of creating additional cars, tracks, sound sets, tools or tutorials to give fun to other players, to increase their gameplay comfort and quality of created addons.

In a spirit of the game's name the addons cover wide scope of racing interests. Cars basically includes all kinds of cars, not only typical racing sim machines (like formula cars, gran turismo, touring or rallye cars), other minors (karts, trucks, vans, quads, sidecars), can find a place in the game too. And even more, the fantasy in GeneRally is almost unlimitable, so we can try discover feelings from other racing genres like horse racing, airplanes, skateboarding, skiing or motorboats too. Tracks are engendered from same philosophy, they variate from regular racing circuits, ovals and street or road courses to gravel and snow tracks or diifferent experimental tracks, micro tracks or tracks with incorporated huge stunts, dangerus crossings and other interesting obstacles. And we should not forget to mention real world tracks or more precisely their recreations for the game. Do you want to try to take your favorite tractor around Monte Carlo's Grand Prix course in 1929 configuration? No problem! Everything is possible thanks to many talented people around us. Many of those addons are available (and of course for free), obviously stored in national forums or international one, on website of Track of the Month and on dozens of personal websites - just visit them (more in Links).

As was mentioned, the game doesn't support any on-line mutliplayer (more Group B by J4aber at Nahopo by Tizioplayers can play together only on one PC). No matter on it, several ways how to compete against each other were invented by fans, which are based on principle of ex post comparing of files available about each individual race of a driver including merging particular replays into final summary replays. (For details read this short article in English or any of next 12 European languages available there too.) International dimension of the racing is fully covered since March 2003 by deep statistics and classification system of racers, teams and events by GeneRally World Ranking.

If you are curious about this game, surely don't hesitate to download the GeneRally's latest version (v1.10).  This version and all other previous versions since first public beta together with many language packs are available in Downloads for you. The game itself is very slight on system requirements, the minimal recommended system is a 200MHz or faster CPU, 16MB of RAM, 2MB or more of free available hard drive space, a DirectX compatible display adapter, Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Microsoft DirectX v8.0 or higher and optionally a gamepad or a joystick, so almost everybody can enjoy this game on his home machine or laptop. In case of any issue don't forget to browse FAQ, other option is to check and ask for support in forums, where lot of helpful guys abounds every day.

Have fun with GeneRally. And remember: Real men drive 40 polygons.


by Trigger Happy