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FAQ - Questions

Downloads5.1 How do I create a new driver for myself or an AI driver to race against?

Downloads5.2 How can I select another car for myself or the AI drivers?

Downloads5.3 How can I display any of the drivers?

Downloads5.4 How do I clear the statistics of a driver?

Downloads5.5 How can I randomly select a group of tracks to race on?

Downloads5.6 How can I display a track?

Downloads5.7 How can I display the name of any given track

Downloads5.8 How do I clear the track records of a track?

Downloads5.9 How do I save and load games or seasons?

Downloads5.10 How can I see replays of a race? Can I record, save, and load replays?

Downloads5.11 What are the colored bars for beneath my car at the bottom of the screen when I'm racing?