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Welcome on Alternative GeneRally Website. This website is an unofficial GeneRally homepage. It was created by its fans as a complement to the information provided by game's Official website, which currently consists only of mere download of the game's latest version (v 1.2c).

At the beginning of this website you'll find a brief introduction of the game GeneRally, where all its main features are explained. It's followed by image gallery, where you can check game appearance in its raw state and after touch of its keen fans. In video gallery you can entertain yourself by some nice action videos or learn something uselful about creating GeneRally tracks from video-tutorials.

When you'll have a basic frame about the game from previous parts, you can advance easily to the downloads part of this site. You'll find there all its released versions since its first public beta version to the currently latest version (v 1.2c) in chronological order. Out of that a pack with many language files and link to necessary Microsoft's Visual Studio Runtime files are available there to you too.

If any issue will occur or if you'll just curious about something, you can consult it with Frequently Asked Questions about  the game (FAQ). Final part of this website inclues extensive collection of links to English and non-English community websites, which will help you to find more additional information or more enjoyable content to the game.

Maple by Joint Effort Tree and default Formulas