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Major place, if you want more for this game. Links to places, where you can download new addons into the game, find tools for making them on your own, join a fan community or take a part in a competition.

Last update of the section: 2nd Oct. 2013.

Downloads Key links, community and its major projects

Links to websites, English forum and major community projects.

Downloads English personal websites

Download cool tracks, cars or  valuable tools from websites of particular active members of GeneRally community.

Downloads Competitions

If you want to compare your skill with other guys, browse included links. Main part of following list includes the competions, which run a season right now or held at least a one during past 12 months. Other websites, which offer at least downoadable gamepack with cars/tracks used in last season, are located in following subcategory.

Subcategories: Past competitions

Downloads Non-English websites

National forums, great addons, tools, tips, competitons and more, maybe even in your own native language.

Downloads Outdated links

These links will not help you download a new stuff, but they should not be missed or even not forgotten, because they include important and/or interesting information from past of GR community.

Is some your favorite link missing here? Did a website moved on a new domain? Feel free to contact us with your ideas, requests to update the links or to solve any other problem related to them.