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GeneRally 1.10

- Game graphic, control and sound functionality ported to the SDL game libraries for greater compatibility.
- Improved Windows Vista/7 compatibility.
- Windowed mode (including Alt+Enter toggle).
- Extra game resolutions (including widescreen support).
- Alt+F4 quits the game directly.
- Scroll wheel works in dialogs.
- Removed 'game speed' option from game - now fixed @ 100%.
- New official tracks (by TuomoH).
- Fixed various small bugs and crashes.

Track Editor:
- Can select world-size from 25-255 in the editor itself.
- Added some new objects:
  - Road cone
  - Armco barrier
  - Office block (short + small variants)
  - Telephone pole
  - Pedestrian bridge
  - Invisible wall
  - Person (varying sizes, including children)
- Open track via command line (pass filename to program).