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GeneRally 1.2d

- Updated to use VS2015 runtimes instead of 2010 to improve support for Windows 10 (minimum requirements for use are the same as the 2010 runtimes, so should be no issue).
- FIXED: Timed races now resume properly after a save.
- FIXED: Autosaves no longer crash on load.
- FIXED: Game no longer crashes after races that have no laps under 60 seconds.
- FIXED: Various small timing issues with timed races.
- FIXED: "No supported resolutions" problem on certain GPU and monitor combinations.

- FIXED: Some missing resources (nothing that materially affects track creation).

GeneRally 1.10c

- FIXED: Saving games now works correctly and no longer produces 'empty' replays.

GeneRally 1.10b

- Modified armco barrier colour to be a more visible, light blue colour (the only other viable colour available).
- Implemented an experimental feature to adjust zoom based on screen aspect ratio.
- Grid order for the first race of a season is now defined by player selection order when using "points" or "points, reversed" grid modes.
- FIXED: Driver statistics dialog now shows correctly after being reset.
- FIXED: Mouse cursor is no longer visible during the race.
- FIXED: Using 'end race' on the final race of the season doesn't quit directly to the main menu at least one race has been completed.
- FIXED: Rendering distance increased to solve bug on some higher resolutions.
- FIXED: UI no longer changes colour when adjusting a driver's primary colour in full-screen mode.
- FIXED: Start lights no longer remain visible in a replay.

- FIXED: Saves with correct v1.10 flag. Please re-save all tracks made with v1.10 with v1.10b.
- FIXED: No longer crashes when loading a path with spaces via the command line (wrap all paths with quotes).

GeneRally 1.10

- Game graphic, control and sound functionality ported to the SDL game libraries for greater compatibility.
- Improved Windows Vista/7 compatibility.
- Windowed mode (including Alt+Enter toggle).
- Extra game resolutions (including widescreen support).
- Alt+F4 quits the game directly.
- Scroll wheel works in dialogs.
- Removed 'game speed' option from game - now fixed @ 100%.
- New official tracks (by TuomoH).
- Fixed various small bugs and crashes.

Track Editor:
- Can select world-size from 25-255 in the editor itself.
- Added some new objects:
  - Road cone
  - Armco barrier
  - Office block (short + small variants)
  - Telephone pole
  - Pedestrian bridge
  - Invisible wall
  - Person (varying sizes, including children)
- Open track via command line (pass filename to program).

GeneRally 1.05

- World Tour track set.
- Option to hide start / finish line (track editor).
- Option to zoom in / out on track.
- Track editor supports drop files.
- Some internal implementation changes and bug fixes.
- Christmas edition also offers one additional vehicle,
sleigh and a bonus track, Santafest.

GeneRally 1.05ce

- Christmas edition also offers one additional vehicle, sleigh and a bonus track, Santafest.

GeneRally 1.04

- F11 grabs a screen at fixed (in gr.ini) resolution.
- TyreAutoSort option in gr.ini to control the way wheels
are drawn. This improves visual quality of the cars.
- Fixes to the menus, better handling of mouse wheel, etc.
- Option to disable objects in track preview dialog to
decrease preview generation time.
- Few bugs killed.

GeneRally 1.03

- AI improvents, including variable pit stop strategies.
- Replay.
- Better support for game controllers .
- gr.ini file for advanced settings.
- Some new objects.

Track editor:
- 2x/4x zoom feature.

GeneRally 1.02

- Track list is now alphabetically ordered.
- Folders can be used to categorise tracks.
- All .car-files are now loaded.
- Compatibilty with different video cards is better now.
- Game crashed to desktop if no drivers existed when
entering the drivers menu.

Track editor:
- Maximum number of objects and maximum length of AI line
is now less limited.
- More accurate cursor on edit area.

Note: Track format has changed since v1.01. Old tracks will
still work in version 1.02.
Note2: Saved games are not compatible between version 1.02
and any previous versions.

GeneRally 1.01

- Engine sounds were not loaded if sound set was changed
during a season.
- Bridges were lower than they seemed and some cars
couldn't drive under them without getting damage.
- Track info now displays author information.

Track editor:
- Import AI line and Rotate AI line functions.
- Look of pitbox object changed.
- Numbered checkpoints and start objects.
- Track properties now include Author information.
- Deleting objects is now easier.

Note: Track format has changed since v1.0. Old tracks will
work in version 1.01, but new tracks won't work in v1.0.

GeneRally 1.0

- A track editor.
- Some new tracks.
- Support for game controllers.
- Ability to grab screens (F12).
- Improved AI.
- Each vehicle can now have individual engine sound.
- View track info in mainmenu (right click on track).
- View driver stats in mainmenu (right click on driver).
- Cars changed a bit and one new vehicle.
- Setting for reverse mode (advanced options).
- Some minor adjustments to hadling of the car.
- Loads of bugs fixed.

GeneRally 1.0 beta

- First public release of GeneRally.