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FAQ - Questions

Downloads8.1 How can I determine which version of GeneRally that I have installed?

Downloads8.1.1 When will a new version of GeneRally be released? Are there plans to add any new features to the game?

Downloads8.1.2 Is there a way to get more objects for basic TrackEditor? If not, how do people get advanced objects and custom houses?

Downloads8.2 My race car just disappeared into the grandstands, what happened?

Downloads8.3 Help! I have accidentally run over several members of my pit crew! My car has landed in the grandstands and I have injured the spectators! How can I get medical attention for them? Will my fans hate me for the rest of my life?

Downloads8.4 I like to race with the "Damage" option enabled, but the AI drivers always knock me around and damage my race car! How can I minimize damage to my race car caused by the other AI drivers?

Downloads8.5 What is the difference between tarmac 1 and 2 in cars physic, if not in colors?