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FAQ - Questions

Downloads4.1 How can I configure my driving controls, such as a keyboard, a gamepad, or a joystick?

Downloads4.1.1 What is the function of the "Goofy Reverse" option in the "Advanced Options" menu?

Downloads4.1.2 Why is my steering reversed when driving backwards during a race?

Downloads4.2 How can I change the sound effects that are used in the game?

Downloads4.3 How can I select another language to be used within the game?

Downloads4.4 Where can I download additional languages files for use within the game?

Downloads4.5 What are the functions of all of the various parameters in GeneRally

Downloads4.6 How can I change the palette that is used in the game?

Downloads4.7 After playing around I decided to return to original default values of settings. Unfortunately, I don't remember them. How can I restore them?