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7.1 How can I play GeneRally without closing all of my other applications that are currently open and running? Can I play GeneRally for a while, and then switch to my other open applications without exiting the game?

Press the "ESC" key on your keyboard at any time while playing GeneRally to pause the game. Then press the "ALT" and "TAB" keys simultaneously, and then release them. This is refered to as "Task Switching" or "Alt-Tabbing". If you keep the "ALT" key depressed, you can also press and release the "TAB" key multiple times to selectively switch to any of your other open running applications.

Alternatively, once you are finished working in your other applications, you can simply left-click the "GeneRally" icon in the Windows Taskbar, or task switch back to GeneRally as described above. This is a real handy trick once you get the hang of it, and can be used for almost all Windows based games and applications. [Contributed by GPR]