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Links - Competitions

If you want to compare your skill with other guys, browse included links. Take in consideration, that many competitons run only in forum enviroment without a dedicated website, so don't forget to pay attention to corresponding sections of international and national forums.

In the top of following list are included competions, which run a season right now. Other websites, which offer at least downoadable gamepack with cars/tracks used in last season, are located in subcategory called Past competitions.

Downloads Generally World Ranking

Classification and statistic of each one driver, team or nation, who joined one of supported competitions.

Downloads GeneRally Championship Association

Downloads Generally Rookie Championship

Downloads GeneRally Touring Car World Cup

Downloads GeneRally Touring Cars Challenge

Downloads Mini Time Attack Championship

Downloads North American GeneRally Championsip Association

Downloads PGR F1 World Championship 2012

Past competitions

Downloads Awesome Racing Challenge

Downloads A1 Grand Prix 2007/2008

Downloads A1 Grand Prix 2008/2009

Downloads All In One Championship

Downloads CompoVeloce Mini GT

Downloads East European Open

Downloads Formula Ford

Downloads Generally F1 (GF1)

Downloads GeneRally Formula Cup

Downloads GeneRally IndyCar Series 2008

Downloads GeneRally IndyCar Series 2011

Downloads GeneRally International Sporting Club

Downloads GeneRally Motorsport Federation

Downloads Generally Racing Organization

Downloads GeneRally Stock Car Challenge

Downloads GeneRally Touring Car Championship S5

Downloads Generally World Championship Kart Version

Downloads GeneRally World Championship of Nations

Downloads HotLap Masters

Downloads Miskolc Racing Foundation

Downloads Super 1 Karting GR Competition

Downloads Vuvuzela Challange of South Africa

Downloads Å koda Octavia Cup