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3.1 Does GeneRally support Internet, Modem, or LAN multiplayer games?

Currently, GeneRally supports multiple drivers playing on the same computer, but unfortunately at this time there is no Internet, Modem, or LAN multiplayer features. However, there are single-player "hotlap" competitions, as well as several offline multiplayer "league" competitions. In the offline league competitions you compete in a race against other AI drivers, and then your final results are judged or ranked against other human drivers who do the same.

Announcements, information, and rules for these competitions can be found in the "Championships" section of the unofficial international GeneRally forum at, and information about past competitions organized at official GeneRally forum can be found in the "Competitions" at on the Internet. Fresh competition calendar, standings of world rankings and full archive of international racing events including attendance, pointing, track pictures and many other details can be found on website of GeneRally World Ranking at [Contributed by GPR and Ivo PorĨ]